Preston’s 2013 Goals

Name: Preston Kincaid
Birthdate: March 14, 1972
Height: 5’11”
Birthplace: Redwood City, California
Residence: Hollister, California


Summary of 2012′s Challenges
2012 was an incredibly challenging race season in which the word “perseverance” became my mantra. The season started yet again with the economy causing my title sponsor to pull out last minute, and I was left scrambling to put together any race program I could with the available resources.

At the season opening race at Thunderhill Raceway, I had a terrible crash that left me sitting out the next race. Then when I recovered (for the most part), I showed up at Round 3 at Thunderhill Raceway and suffered yet another catastrophic crash in which I broke my right arm. I knew that I was literally pushing a bone-stock 2007 GSXR 1000 beyond it’s capabilities, but I also knew I needed to “cowboy up” and stay in the game.

At the next race, Round 4 at Infineon Raceway (Sears Point) we made drastic geometry changes to the bike, and I finally got it dialed-in to a point where I felt I could at least steer it finally. Although I was using almost completely stock equipment, I was able to run in the top spots. In the Open Superbike race I got a terrible start—getting off the grid in dead last place, and was able to chase down series champion Peter Fry who led every lap, and nearly passed him at the finish line. I knew if I could persevere and make it to the final two races of the season,  I’d be a contender.

At the “B.A.R.F Showdown” Season Finale race with the AFM at Thunderhill, it was my fiercest battle to date. I got off the grid in 8th place, and worked my way up to third place, and before the first lap was completed I had completed a pass into first place and led the next 2 laps. Nathan Rodriguez made a totally crazy pass at the end of the famously fast straightaway as I was trying to get around a lapped rider safely, and the battle was on. After battling handlebar-to-handlebar for several laps, I went for a pass in turn 14 and nearly collided with Nathan, which left me a full straightaway behind — still in second place. By the time we got to turn five I was already back on his rear wheel thinking about where I was going to pass him for the win, and with only one lap to go I had a mechanical malfunction that resulted in the worst crash of my career, the dreaded “high side”. When the bike bucked me into the air, I knew it would be bad. When it was over, I had a fractured hip, fractured ankle, a serious concussion, some stitches in my right elbow, and an extremely challenging race season behind me.

You can watch the battle, and crash below.


Summary of 2012′s Triumphs
You know, sometimes you never know if people notice just how much personal struggle, passion, and sacrifice goes into doing what you love so much. This year though, apparently some people were aware. After that last crash at the B.A.R.F. Bash, someone knew I was riding a junk motorcycle beyond it’s limits, showed up at my house as I was recovering from my injuries, tossed me the keys to a brand new 2012 Yamaha R1 and said “have a great race season next year… no more riding junk“.  Three weeks later I was riding that motorcycle at Laguna Seca and turning my fastest lap times ever. (on a steady diet of Advil of course).

In hindsight, 2012 showed me what I’m made of, and reminded me how much I truly love racing motorcycles, and suddenly 2013 is truly looking very good. After the season was over, I went and got a new tattoo on my arm where I can look down and see it always as a reminder that “I am stronger than I think”.



Goals for 2013
This season I am planning to race the entire “AFM Grand Prix Championship” series. I plan to win several championships, including Clubman, Formula 40, Open Production and Open Superbike.

From there, budgets permitting, I’d like to get my pro-license with AMA and compete at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Laguna Seca in Monterey, California in the Supersport class.

With a new bike, I’m in a good starting place for 2013, however we are in dire need of race suspension, tires and fuel. Any financial help is not only desperately needed, but very much appreciated!

With your help, we’ll meet these goals.

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