Preston’s Bio

Preston KincaidPreston Kincaid has spent his lifetime chasing the dream, and working his way up the racing ranks. The California rider has proven to be a talented and quick study in every classification and discipline of motorcycle racing he’s participated in.

At age 12, Preston started racing at the legendary Monterey Short Track, in Monterey, California with his best childhood friend (and former AMA Grand National #56) Lonnie Pauley. The two would race together for the next 7 years in the amateur ranks at local and regional races all over California. It seemed wherever they would go, Preston and Lonnie would consistently finish in the top two spots, and were quickly making names for themselves in the sport of dirt-track racing.

At age 17, Preston doubled-up his high-school  credits, and  graduated  with a 4.0 GPA one full year early in order to kick off his professional racing career and to begin traveling for races. He turned pro and filed for his AMA Grand National professional license. He continued racing local and regional races all over California, and as sponsorship and budgets permitted would venture out across the nation to race AMA Grand National races. Fulfilling some of his childhood dreams, he raced the San Jose Mile, and Sacramento Mile three times—the premier “Miles” in the USA at the time. He raced at various Grand National and regional races in Florida, Texas, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Ohio, and Iowa.

At age 22, Preston suffered a horrific crash that marked a significant turning point in his racing career. He sustained serious injuries that included hyperextending his left knee, and a compound fracture of his left elbow. The costs and limitations of the injury and the responsibilities of life became a huge factor. Preston had to take a hiatus from racing with the intention of quickly returning to the career he loved, but little did he know it would be 12 years, and two more children later until he would compete again.

At age 37, Preston decided to have a little fun racing a local short track at Quail Creek in Salinas, California. He dusted off his boots, prepped a Honda CRF 450, headed to the racetrack and brought home the win. That’s all it took to get him hooked again. 2010 turned out to be a full race season where he won five races, finished top-three eight times, and finished the season off by racing the Stockton Mile—his first mile race since 1993.

At age 40, Preston is seeking to win several championships with the American Federation of Motorcyclists “AFM Grand Prix Championship“. He’d like you help him do it.

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