On board with SunStar!


We’re happy to announce that we just signed with SunStar for 2013!

SunStar Sprockets and Chains has been a great supporter of Preston Kincaid’s racing program, and this year Mike Martin has been added to the program.  Sunstar is the largest OEM & aftermarket supplier of motorcycle sprockets, chains, & disk rotors in the world – manufacturing sprockets for every major Japanese motorcycle builder since 1946. Their product lines include extremely high performance race quality aluminum rear sprockets and a full line of heavy duty & Works level motorcycle chains.

Preston Kincaid chose SunStar because of the high quality and durability of their products.  “In order to win, you first have to finish. We can’t afford any failures this year, and SunStar has the very best chains and sprockets”, says Preston.

In fact, SunStar sprockets have MORE hard anodized coating than any other aluminum sprocket on the street market for added durability and a superb finish – increases life span by about 15% in comparison to other brands.


Visit SunStar today, and tell em Preston Kincaid and Mike Martin sent you!

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