FMF on Board for 2013!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just renewed our deal with FMF for the 2013 race season!

FMF was a great supporter last year, and with 3 terrible crashes, it was really awesome to know that each time I destroyed an exhaust system, FMF had my back.

You don’t just want a good exhaust for your sport bike: You want the best, and the FMF Apex™ system is the finest sport exhaust system available. Handcrafted completely in the USA and featuring the latest in aftermarket exhaust technology, the Apex™ is the product of thousands of hours of design, testing and development all geared at bringing you the most sophisticated slip-on in the universe — and we’re proud to promote them this year again!.

Once you hit the Apex™, you’ll never turn back.

  • The most advanced sport exhaust available
  • Incredible power output at all RPMs
  • Durable carbon fiber and titanium construction
  • Integrated fit for maximum cornering clearance
  • Healthy exhaust note
  • Quiet insert(s) included
  • 100% made in the USA

Check out FMF today!

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