On board with AXO for 2013!

We are happy to announce that we have just finalized the agreement to continue on board with AXO for the upcoming 2013 season! AXO has been a terrific supporter of Preston Kincaid’s racing program in 2012, and has always been his protective apparel brand of choice.

“I’ve been racing motorcycles since I was 12 years old, and have had the opportunity to wear many brands, and that gives me a great perspective to be able to say that AXO is second to no one. The quality is superb—take it from me, I’ve tested it thoroughly! In 3 crashes last year the gloves repeatedly saved my hands, and the suit saved my hide. The stitching held together perfectly, and the leather’s protection against the asphalt at over 100mph never failed. It’s not an overstatement to say I owe my life and limbs to AXO”, says Kincaid.

Another exciting development, Preston Kincaid’s teammate Mike Martin, of Seaside Superbikes is joining the AXO family, and both teammates will be sporting the AXO brand in 2013.

“We’ll have cool AXO freebies to giveaway at the races, from t-shirts, to backpacks as well as other cool stuff, so come see us at the track, mention AXO and maybe you can walk away with some cool free AXO swag!”, says Martin.



AXO Sport was established in 1978 and immediately became industry leader in footwear, clothing and protective apparel for motorcycle enthusiasts. Initially focused on the off-road, AXO quickly broadened its range of products. Today AXO provides its customers with a full set of gear from head-to-toe for street and motocross riding. AXO’s range of products is constantly evolving; new and innovative items are developed daily, to suit the needs and ever-changing tastes in the motorcycle apparel market. Super-moto and free-styling are now part of AXO’s priorities and a mountain-biking collection has recently been added to AXO’s catalogue. Not to mention the lifestyle collection, which suits motorcycle lovers when off the bike. In 2003 Axo America Inc. was established; it is a vibrant commercial center and an important R&D location. Based in California, AXO America researches the American market at the core, to expand and improve AXO’s collection and explore international trends.


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  1. I love the new deal we have with AXO. Looking forward to fun in Vegas next week. Seaside Superbikes is recommending AXO to all of our customers. Looking forward to getting a custom suit hooked up!

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